At My Weakest
Another breath wasted
Caring for your lie
Another life tested
Wanting what we had
Together we were falling apart
Don’t say another word
I don’t need more reasons
To stay, to feel, to hurt
I don’t want to hear it
You can’t have me again
This is the end of us
I won’t live this way
Circling, circling, drifting away
Hesitating, fading further
If you meant what you said
Then walk the other way
We are better off hurt
Than to keep repeating this
This will be the last time
I’m lying to myself again
I won’t taste your kiss
Here I go again, here I go again
I’m fading, we’re fading
It makes it so hard to breathe
How could you do this to me?
Here I go again, here I go again
I’m fading, we’re fading, hesitating,
Fading further, this feels like it’s never ending
This feels never ending
Will I ever get it back
There has to be more than this
I can’t fall apart again
Let it go
But it feels so good, it feels so good

Breaking Free 
I know I’m not
Who you want me to be
Get in line
I’ve got a ways to go
If you think I’ll listen to you
Just know
You’ll be the last one that I follow
You’re not what brings me home
I’m breaking free
From what you expect of me
And all of this suffering
Will be a memory
My life is complete
And I’m done thinking
That all of your reasoning
Is the way it should be
I’m taking you out of me
You mean nothing to me
I’m breaking free
And I’m finding out
What means most to me
Those years of self doubt
Will not have hold of me
I’m breaking free
My life is complete
I’m done thinking this is the way it should be
I’m breaking free
All of this suffering
Is nothing but a memory

You Never Cared
There’s only so much
Cleaning I can do
To make sure that there’s no you
But we both know it’s no use
Cause I’m the fool
And no matter what I do
I still keep you in my heart
You were busy breaking my life
While I was so set on your eyes
And you never cared
My tells me
What I don’t want to believe
It says that I’m weak
Is it me? Am I weak?
Am I weak? I am weak!
You were busy breaking my life
While I was so set on your eyes
And every ounce of me
Poured out like the rain
Of a summer storm
I’ll never be the same
And I have you to thank
No, I’ll never be the same
And I have you to blame
All I did was change
And you let me
You never cared
Why did you let me change?
You never cared
Why aren’t you still here?

Room 215
I can see your weakness
It’s one I know so well
Pick up the clothes off the floor
And tell me you want more
Slip back into the life
We live so well
Fake smiles, hidden glances
I’m suffocating
My body aches
There’s so much to say
You got yours and I got mine
It was just a waste of time
Will this ever get better
Are you my only fix?
Tell me it’s okay
We can be this way
And the sad part is
My mind is cursed
Images of us wrapped around
The lie we kept
Under the sheets, day after day
I gave you all of me

Still Standing
You may think
That you got the best of me
But you had the worst
How does it feel?
To get the least
How does it feel?
To have my pieces
I’m still standing
You won’t bring me down
I’m still standing
Brand new without you around
I won’t let go of what makes me whole
I’ll never look back at what I wasted
I won’t let go of what makes me whole
There’s nothing left of you to pull me down
Get out of my face jerk
Do you think you got the best of me?
Do you feel like you had all of me?
No, I’m still standing
Get out of my face

I’m diving headfirst into you
Holding my breath until
You pull me through
I can’t resist when I’m
Next to you
My mind can’t win
What my heart wants to do
I don’t want to figure this out
I don’t want to fight this off
I’m losing control
I’m letting it all go
Can’t you see you’re
Where I want to be?
You’re the missing piece
You leave my breathless
I’m losing all control
You’re all I want
Tell me I’m alone
My feelings won’t go away
You’re presence I can’t escape
Your face, your eyes
I just cannot deny
You’re all I want
You’re all I need
Tell me I’m not alone